Beyond Bingo...

Imagine That! offers TimeSlipsTM and Poetry Alive! improvisational storytelling and poetry programs for groups and individuals, led by Sarah Jacobus, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker committed to creative engagement as a tool for meaningful self-expression, community building and fun.

Creative engagement...

recognizes the unique power of the arts to enhance a sense of purpose and belonging


invites elders to be active participants rather than passive recipients


validates the creative contributions of each participant

cultivates social connections 


provides a sense of purpose and meaning

"She says, 'I should have had a pedicure!'"

And for people with memory loss...

focuses on imagination, freeing participants of the pressure to remember


ensures that people with memory loss are more than a diagnosis

Participants look forward to attending, and family caregivers enjoy seeing their loved ones more engaged and stimulated.

                         --Susan Belgrade, LCSW
Director, Freda Mohr Senior Center
Jewish Family Service Los Angeles


helps family members recognize what their loved one can still do, not what they've lost


builds a community that values all members