Poetry Alive!

Based on the model developed by the Alzheimer's Poetry Project, this process begins with a lively call and response chanting of lines from classic poems likely to be familiar to participants. These poems serve as models for improvisational creation of an original poem. Sarah uses movement, sound and props to inspire a sensory engagement with poetry.


Like TimeSlipsTM, Poetry Alive! is most effective as a series of group or individual sessions culminating with a special event celebrating participants' creativity.



Sarah treats each individual with utmost respect and is skillful in making sure that everyone is an active participant. Everything they say is considered a valid contribution to the collective poem, which adds greatly to their sense of self-worth.


--Orly Burg, LCSW, Jewish Family Service LA

I enjoy this group because of the spontaneity. Sarah does a wonderful job of encouraging people to express themselves. And I've seen a near miracle. People who weren’t talking too much are beginning to speak more.

                                             --Lorraine C., poet

O my love is like a red red rose...
     - Robert Burns

Take a look!

Click on the rose to see a communal poem inspired by Burns's verse, created with Sarah at the Freda Mohr Senior Center of Jewish Family Service

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree
     - Joyce Kilmer

Take a look!

Click on the peach tree to see the tree poem created with Sarah at the OPICA adult day program for people with memory loss featured on the Alzheimer's Poetry Project blog!