My love is like a flower.

It smells so good.

Like a flowering rose,

always going to bloom

and make me think how I want to love.

Like my daughter. She loves everyone around her

and is always thinking of everyone but herself.

Like my cat.

My dog, who always welcomes me

My home, welcoming and comfortable

A tower of strength

My love is very important to me. Without love, I can’t live.

The love of my wife…happy days are here again!

Something spiritual, serenity

My love is my family and my husband. I miss him very much.

Together 53 years and very happy.

My love is not to find someone to live with

but to find someone I can’t live without.

And I found her.


My love is smooth, nice to touch.

Soft, like velvet

Butterflies coming to flowers

My love is red. I feel love for my life.

Red. I like red. Your heart is red.

Red where my cat scratches me

White, like a crystal

White, like the white of the sun.

Also the color of the moon.

It includes every color that exists.

All the colors in the rainbow

All the colors…blue sky, green growing things


Love tastes like honey

Sweet chocolate


Apple pie

It’s sweet, soft, stays a long time in your mouth

Makes you feel good

My Love